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Tell Everyone A Bit About Yourself!

I’m 33 years old from Wales. I’m happy and bubbly and have been a foot model for 3 weeks!

What Made You Get Started In The Foot Fetish World?

Well I don’t have a foot fetish myself, but I do absolutely love my feet touched! I do foot stuff anyway. Also, Maddy (ms_maddy_69) was telling me to start my foot page, but I didn’t want to as I didn’t have the time. Then I just said “Okay, I’ll try it”!

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Do You Have Any Advice On Guys Who Aren’t Confident With Their Foot Fetish?

They have to roll with it. Lot’s of men don’t like to admit such fetish, but it’s ok too as there are people out there, like me, who can fulfill their fetish without judging them or thinking it’s strange!

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What’s Your Favourite Thing About Being A Foot Model?

Live sessions. At live sessions, I allow men to take full control of my feet to worship them and just enjoy themselves by doing what they want. This can include touching, tickling, massaging, licking and sucking toes. Some guys want my feet pushed in their face!

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Can Readers Pay For Anything?

They can, yes! They can buy Skype sessions and custom pictures and videos.



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