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Tell Everyone a Bit About Yourself!

I’m Maddy! I’m 34 and live in Wales, United Kingdom. I got into the foot fetish and foot model scene on Instagram 6 weeks ago and I absolutely love it!

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What’s Your Favourite Thing About Being A Foot Model?

Chatting to different people from all over the world that like my feet and meeting with some during live and Skype sessions!

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What Pushed You Into The Foot Fetish World?

I was chatting to a guy online who had a foot fetish. He kept telling me how beautiful my feet were and they are very desirable. I asked him many question about his fetish as I was really intrigued. He then went on to tell me about Instagram and how big the foot fetish community is and suggested I should share my feet for others to admire too. I had a look and made a profile (not really believing anyone would be interested in my feet as I didn’t think they were very nice), but I soon started getting followers and lots of wonderful comments and messages which spurred me on to carry on. I’m so glad I did because I love being a foot model and it’s become part of my day-to-day life!

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Do You Have Any Advice For Guys Who Hide Their Foot Fetish?

I understand a lot of guys find it embarrassing and it’s not a widely accepted fetish, but you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed. Just be who you are and those who are important to you should accept you for who you are and what you like. Although, it really is no-one elses business what you like in your private life also. It’s always good to talk about things even if it’s to someone online who shares your interest!

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What’s Your Favourite Thing A Guy Can Do To Your Feet, Socks Or Shoes?

I love my feet being worshipped, a good foot rub, lots of licking and sucking all over my feet and toes, it drives me crazy! I also love when my feet (with and without socks on) are all on a guys face and he’s inhaling my scent too!


ALSO, if you’d like any Skype or live sessions or would like to buy any custom videos or pictures, just DM her on Instagram!


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